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There is no job we couldn’t handle and no needs we couldn’t meet. We use K-glass as standard, but we can supply a vast range of glass products such as:

  • toughened glass – 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass; available from 4mm to 19mm in thickness and up to 4,500mm x 2,100mm in size;
  • laminated glass – a safety & security glass; available in sizes of up to 6,000mm x 3,200mm depending on thickness;
  • curved glass;
  • switchable glass – used in a wide range of applications such as clean walls in hospitals, office partition, or projector screen; 1,500mm X 5,000mm in size;
  • self-cleaning glass (Ritec’s system) – low-maintenance glass perfect in glass roofs, skylights, and upper-floor windows;
  • heat-strengthen glass – available from 4mm to 19mm in thickness and up to 2,100mm x 4,500mm in size;
  • slip-resistant walk-on units – double glazed units available in many formats;
  • heat mirror® – for better indoor comfort and thermal insulation; enter-of-glass insulation performance ranges from 1.0 to 0.3 W/m2K;

If required, we can also provide solar control glass, including:
– Sunergy glass – low reflecting with thermal insulation;

– Pilkington Arctic™ Blue – tinted glass perfect to keep the heat out in the summer; available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm in thicknesses.


Bespoke products/joinery

Offering you high quality products in every aspect, our bespoke products are the result of careful planning and expert crafting. With us, you can count on the best bespoke products!

High end products/joinery

Add glamour and elegance into your home with our high end products. Made from only the finest materials, they are unique and are bound to meet your needs!

Made to measure products/joinery

If you’re looking for products that will be a perfect fit for your home, our made-to-measure products are just what you need!

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