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High End Furniture


There’s no doubt that the furniture you decide to choose for your home can make or break your interior. After all, the home itself is just floors and walls, and it’s the decor contained within that really creates your interior. For this reason, it’s a good idea to choose high-end furniture that will serve you well.

At AW Prospects we believe that you deserve only the best. Whether it’s a bookshelf, chair, wardrobe or table, you can be sure that over time the quality of the product will deteriorate, necessitating replacement. That is unless you decide to use our high-end products.

For these products, we only use the finest materials available. Our tables and wardrobes are made using only the most reliable and solid pieces of wood, provided to us by tried and tested manufacturers. No less attention is paid to glass – all of our glass comes from established brands that we have collaborated with for years, so that we know for a fact that they are the very best.

No less care and attention is paid to the crafting process. Our experienced staff pays very close attention to detail in all their designs, resulting in a solid piece of furniture. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something classical and simple or something much more ornate and complex in design, our expert team will help bring your dream project to life, giving you the high-end, detailed furniture that you deserve.

With high-end furniture, you can make your home as stylish and elegant as possible. Thanks to our fantastic materials and excellent teams, we can help create the perfect space for you.


Bespoke products/joinery

Offering you high quality products in every aspect, our bespoke products are the result of careful planning and expert crafting. With us, you can count on the best bespoke products!

High end products/joinery

Add glamour and elegance into your home with our high end products. Made from only the finest materials, they are unique and are bound to meet your needs!

Made to measure products/joinery

If you’re looking for products that will be a perfect fit for your home, our made-to-measure products are just what you need!