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Welcome to AW Prospects!

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The story of AW Prospects is one of growth and endeavor. Established in 2007, our building construction business started out very small. However, from the very beginning, our business showed promise of soon blooming into a big, successful company. With our talent and unstoppable passion allowed us to expand our views into new markets and new areas of specialisation.




And so, after years of development, we can finally realise our passion of delivering high-quality carpentry services to our clients. We provide our clients with meticulously crafted bespoke furniture, each piece made with incredible care and attention to detail, all to make sure that every one of our clients can get their home outfitted in the most precise way. We can tailor the furniture to fit in not only in the dimensions, but it is also guaranteed to be just the style you want it.





We’ve come far, but this is hardly the finish line for us. One of our nearest plans for the future is to open a showroom in which we’ll showcase all our works for our clients to see first-hand. All this to further our mission of providing our clients with excellent joinery products and bespoke furniture. We want to help not only individual clients, but also architects, designers, building construction companies, and many more. Our objective is to help our clients create an interior that is distinctive and will leave a lasting impression with one-of-a-kind furniture. Through our work, we mean to create a higher standard that all interiors should meet in the future.